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I am a sound artist creating portraits while weaving sound tapestry . Exploring cosmic dreamscapes with endless possiblities . I use frequency , vibrations and sound interwoven into some kind of geometric masterpiece for the senses . 

An enchanting mystical sound experience using several different sound instruments. Leaving you to float home in your very own bliss bubble . 

A feast for your senses !

 Practical tools to help enhance our meditation practices , tips , breathing techniques,  guided  and non guided .

Private or Group Sound/meditation sessions . In person or Virtual 

 * NOW OFFERING ZOOM Meetings For Sound and meditation   * 

Are you interested in a group sound session or one on one ? I can customize it to suit your needs . Lets Chat!

A virtual Sound session or Support with meditation practices are just as beneficial virtually as it is in person 

Each sound bath experience with Phyllis has been a unique and deeply healing experience.  As the room fills with beautiful sounds, I feel the powerful vibrations move through me.  My body and mind let go and attune to the frequencies that feel natural to my spirit.  Phyllis' intuitive approach ensures that those in the room receive exactly what they need.  I leave with a deep sense of gratitude not only for this gift she brings into the world but for everything. Erin Michelle

 Interested in learning how to work with sound instruments and create your own Sound Sessions! I'd be happy to share my knowledge and help you get started. Let's work together to create a unique and engaging experience for your audience.

Psychic Medium
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