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I have been doing psychic readings for over 30 years . I'm always working on perfecting my craft to bring you the most clarity to help you along your path. The readings I do not only show you the possibilities but also the energy behind why things are the way they are and how we can remove the obstacles around it . Readings can be roughly one hour long . In person (150$) or online rates  $150 for an hour  or 1/2 hr 75$

Intuitive Coaching / Healing

Together we will open space to explore what it is you are wanting to achieve . Whether it be moving past limiting beliefs  or creating something new . I use intuition , energy and wisdom . You are always in compete control and I act as the mirror. All that is required is your openness . Coaching Sessions are not timed Rate $150 In Person or online . 

Sound therapy can help the mind to focus and in return we can deepen in our mediation. 
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