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About Me


  Welcome to my page . I'm Phyllis LaForest . I love to create and I love Peace, so I've combined all of what I love. Through sound, music, art, meditation, sacred ceremonies, workshops, retreats, coaching and the love of life.

  I have a passion for facilitating supportive environments so we can explore our own inner truths and maybe get curious as to what this moment is.

I'm always open to the possibilities of what is , whether its one on one sessions , group or co-creating  with others !


Contact Me:

I have been connecting with Phyllis for many years now for personal readings, sound healing experiences and workshops. Every single connection has been profoundly insightful. Each connection infused with such light and ease.  Phyllis's pure joy and devotion to her evolving connection with spirit and the gifts that flow through her is both comforting and inspiring. I look forward to many more over the years to come.


XO Amanda

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