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Artistic Creations 

                                                Contemplative Meditation Deck 

Inspire , uplift and receive the essence of love . All original art work with channeled insights . The art work alone will transform and lift the energies in the surrounding areas they are in . Each card is for each day of the mnth . Pull one card a day to reflect upon . Get your own insights or turn over for gentle guidance .Contact me to get your very own set~ $35 or $40 Canadian to ship inside of Canada

For everyone who has purchased this deck
Falling Into Shiva $150 ca 15 by 20 

I Highly recommend this beautiful deck of cards created by Phyllis LaForest. The artwork can be used to meditate on and the written messages are uplifting and filled with Love. There are 30 cards, each with a different work of art and message. Thank you Phyllis LaForest for sharing your gifts through these cards. Love and gratitude xoxo  Bev Doucette

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